< Lectures Lecture: Finding Your Passion and Running With It

The spider web design made a huge impression on me back in 2007. I started making one and then found I couldn’t make them fast enough to keep up with all the ideas that originated from this one design.

I love sharing my spider webs with others, showing them how one thing lead to another and when you find something that clicks, I think you need to keep at it, maybe you call it a series?

I bring over 100 quilts to show along with my Spider Web Series to demonstrate how “Passion” can take over and lead you on an amazing path.

This lecture includes my largest trunk show of quilts if the event is in driving distance.  

When flying I adapt and bring a visual digital presentation along and includes my smaller trunk show.  

My short digital presentation includes an actual tutorial so quilters will actually learn something while listening to my lecture on how passion can be worked with to make you more creative.