< Tutorials BOM Delilah, learn how to insert your completed blocks into the final product

Bring the photo onto a word document with minimal margins


Select the photo and then you have additional options:


I used: COLOR SATURATION to make it gray scale.

Then it’s time to INSERT your squared-up photos of the BOMs. See INSERT at the top of your word document file, drop down to PHOTO and find the one you like. or open your WINDOWS EXPLORER/FINDER and locate the file, I use “icons” so I can identify them.. and simply DRAG it onto you word doc.

It most likely will not be the same size that you need, so again, SELECT the photo and get that same TAB – FORMAT PHOTO – notice on the top right… there is a SIZE OPTION.

Mine reads 3” x 3” – you can change the size there…

Then you will then need to go to the TAB – WRAP TEXT and make one additional selection so that this new BOM photo will “sit” on top of your gray scale photo.

Chose IN FRONT OF TEXT… This will allow you to drag your photo on top of your gray scale and then you can also resize it by grabbing on of the corners and sliding.. Note, to keep the exact square shape, hold down SHIFT while resizing, or simply go back to your SIZE option and resize there.

Hope this helps.  I usually use photoshop but since many don’t have it or understand it, this was easier to show and explain.