< Workshops Workshop: 13-Memory Quilts

Making a memory quilt can be really rewarding.  If you are making one from someone you lost/loved, it can be difficult to do immediately, but when the time is eventually right, it can be therapeutic and bring back some wonderful memories.  This quilt is one I made for a friend who lost her best friend 2 years earlier.  She and I were his caregivers until he passed.  This quilt was made from a collection of his cotton shirts and went together like a dream.  Many different styled quilts can be made and below is the second quilt made from those same shirts.

There is a process and technique for deconstructing and preparing garments to be made into a quilt.  Decisions have to be made about how large the block and sections of shirts should be so that they are easily recognized in remembering.  This class helps you decide on some basic to more complex designs that might just suit your preferences and the style of clothing you choose to make a memory quilt from.


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