< Workshops Workshop: 11-The Amazing Alphabet Workshop

IN PERSON WORKSHOP ONLY:  Art Quilting , tracing, free motion quilting and learning how to “shade” to give your drawings dimension.

Really – You don’t need to be an artist!  It’s more like a coloring book.  

In this class learn how to create dimension using India Ink PITT Pens and Dual Brush Pens and other techniques to embellish your quilts, become an art quilter or just have fun making a cute wall hanging or pillow.

Pam’s Hollands book, The Adventures of the Amazing Alphabet is now available and a requirement to take the class it includes all the alphabet patterns for your personal use.  Available in my store for  ($32.00).

It’s easier than you think:

Like using a coloring book, trace the pattern onto fabric with Indian Ink pens, then color and shade them.  Learn how to highlight and shadow using dual-tip pens.   Your work look more dimensional and your drawings will come alive.  Then a  bit of free motion sewing and you’ll be done!

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Supply List:

  • Amazing Alphabet Supply List

    If you wish to make one of the patterns from Pam's book, these 5 India ink pens are needed for each pattern. Other colors may be needed as well, but you will definitely use the five colors below.

    *I bring a full inventory of pens for sale:
    $3.50/each Fabrico, Tombow
    Faber Castell pens $4.00/each
    I do NOT bring Micron Pens for sale

    Optional Supplies: light box for tracing… or use an Ott light under a Plexiglas sewing table.

    • Mandatory: Pam Holland's book: The Adventures of the Amazing Alphabet which has all of her patterns included. Available at my online store: $32.00
    • Background Fabric, neutrals work well, but we can make anything work. The fabric needs to be of a high quality and thread count. No white on white fabric. Maywood shadow play or a Moda fabric work well
    • Ink Pens by Fabrico and Tombow – there are many colors to choose from. - at a minimum you will need these 5 colors
    • Fabrico dual tip pen - Cool Gray
    • Fabrico dual tip pen - Real Black
    • Fabrico dual tip pen - Poppy Red
    • Fabrico dual tip pen - Baby Blue
    • Fabrico dual tip pen - Sand
    • Faber-Castell’s Pitt Artist Pen available at my online store (Do NOT buy the pens that says Faber Castell “quilting!")
    • A Black Micron Pen, tip size .005 used for shading (No other colors or sizes)