This is a piece that the Camp Pendleton Naval Hospital commissioned me to make.  They wanted something that had a stained glass window appearance for their Chapel.  The piece is approximately 5′ x 10′ and is floated on a linen surface under plexiglass.  The theme was Ocean, Earth, Sky and Sun.


These pieces were commissioned by Kaiser Permanente in Anaheim, CA.  They are hanging in a long hallway on the 5th floor.  The theme was PLAY – it’s good medicine!


This was a private commission for a family’s patriarch for her big birthday. The four corners are school photos of her children from elementary school. She was a concert pianist and the sheet music are special songs and music to her.  She lives in San Francisco.


This was another private commission for a Northern California family.

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FABULOUS FACE: While in Africa, BINDY met a mischievous elephant named Peanut. They shared snacks and laughter daily. Now, back home, she can’t stop thinking about Peanut’s playful antics. She even caught herself buying peanuts at the store, missing her herd halfway across the world so she ends up sharing her peanuts with a nearby bird.

ANNIE: One groggy morning, ANNIE woke up with hair that defied gravity—bedhead on steroids! As she stumbled into the kitchen, her mischievous kids gasped, “Mom, your hairs on fire!” She panicked, frantically patting her head until they burst into laughter. Turns out, bedhead could spark a fiery fashion statement!