The newest item I have is Longarm Quilting Services. I use a HQ Infinity with the Premium Prostitcher Computer. Call for a quote or to schedule a quilt. I turn quilts around fast-fast-fast! Or maybe you need some Dual-Tip Markers.... check out my store, or my new improved spider web template...

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See all my work including commissions for UCI Medical, Kaiser Hospital in Anaheim and the Camp Pendleton Marine Hospital


My name is Jean Impey and I reside in San Juan Capistrano, California.  I would love to come to your guild or retreat and share.  I am passionate about quilting, speaking and teaching all levels of quilters.


Quarantined?  Me Too!  Email me today about having me give a live ZOOM lecture to your guild. 

Covid-19 ZOOM Lectures are now available – $500.00.  Keep your guilds and groups connected and motivated!  

Lectures include my standard three lectures in a format that can accommodate over 200 attendees.  I have spent time preparing and re-formatting the content to flow perfectly for everyone to see at home, in some cases, attendees prefer it because it’s easier for them to see and understand “up close”. At the end of my presentations, I share a trunk show and some of my most recent works.  Last, I suggest ideas, inspirations and actual groups for everyone to join so that they can work with their resources during this quarantined time.

During this C-19 period, I haven’t yet figured out how to provide workshops (as I am really a hands-on teacher and want each student to be happy and successful), though I’m always open to suggestions, so let’s talk it through. If you would like a workshop as a follow up once we are past the C19 quarantines, I would be happy to schedule a onsite workshop and provide it for the “group discounted” price of $550.00 if it is within the next 12 months time.

$500.00 for my lecture/trunk show*
$650.00 per day for workshop

*Lecture & Workshop together get a $100.00 discount = $1050.00

My lecture “Finding Your Passion and Running With It” includes a large trunk show of my quilts when the event is in driving distance.

I now have my second lecture which follows and builds on my first lecture called  “Cre-a-tiv-i-ty”which one to choose?   If I have spoken with your guild already, this is the perfect lecture for a return visit as it continues to build on my first lecture.

My third lecture is so amazing, “An Insiders Look into the Textile Industry” it’s all about the fabric industry,  highlighting Hoffman Fabrics.  As some fo you know, I have been their Ambassador, working with the family, designing patterns, handling the challenges and providing insider tours.

I offer a variety of classes for all skill levels and many classes can complete their projects in one day, which builds confidence!  List of classes available for you to  review 

I look forward to sharing my Passion for Quilting with you.

Hey – watch my new Hoffman Fabrics video – I’m sure I will make you laugh.  See my new FREE patterns for Hoffman Fabrics.  Make it as a wall hanging or a table runner.  They just released:  WINE CLUB:

Here is the link: FREE WINE CLUB PATTERN

I have more FREE patterns under Tutorials… check them out now.

You can also find me on 3 sessions of Quilting Arts TV!!! Series 2300

-India Ink Drawing on Fabric

-Reckless & Raw Edge Applique

-Fabric Greeting Cards

OR on the cover of Quilting Arts Magazine June/July 2019:


A new workshop and style that I’m so passionate about….


This quilt style and workshop was born when Freddy Moran and I began collaborating on collage techniques.  We have taught retreats together and separately (I quilt and finish all of Freddy’s pieces for her). I have developed a unique way to quilt these collages, first with my “pencil quilting” and then with my “sketchy quilting” – YES – two different styles and steps of the quilting process.  

If you want to learn this technique, ask your guild to hire me and I will come and teach you all of my design and quilting techniques.  Here are a few of my “faces.”

What else am I up to?  L – O – N -G – A – R – M….   I am longarming and loving it!  If you have something you would like me to quilt for you, I’m reasonable and fast!

Have you ever received back your piece longarmed the same day?? or within 24 hours?  I’ve been known to do that.  

 The Lickety Stitch Quilting Lounge is a joint venture between my BFF, Margie Bushaw and myself.  

Longarming makes me happy these days, I love all things textile and our HQ Infinity is one more thing for me to love!   Email or call me to mail or drop off a quilt you would like quilted.

FB:  SewJean Impey