< Workshops Workshop: 10-Collage with Reckless and Raw-Edge Appliqué

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Take this class as filmed on Quilting Arts TV, season 2300, Episode 2310 and  currently on the cover of the June/July Quilting Arts Magazine.

IN PERSON WORKSHOP ONLY:  Creating art quilts with reckless abandon is one of my favorite ways to make whimsical applique.  I have been teaching this fast and fun technique for about six years now.  What makes it different from the rest?  It allows everyone to be a successful artist by combining a wide variety of fussy-cut botanical fabric motifs with free-motion thread work.  After all of the design and stitch work have been done and before the image is applique to the background, it is manipulated with water and friction to make each individual element “bloom.”

The technique is fun, whimsical, improvisational, and even slightly imprecise – in a good way – allowing your inner designer to shine.  This class may be offered as a 3-hour or 6-hour class.

Finishing Options:

  • Create a pillow cover
  • Make a framed piece of artwork
  • Make upholstery fabric for a chair or bench
  • Use your applique as an embellishment, sew it onto a piece of clothing or accessory.  It will look fantastic on the back of a denim jacket or onto a tote bag
  • Complete as a quilt

Want some homework?  Start cutting now

The first thing I get asked…. do I cut on the line? Sure!… if you want to….. or leave up to 1/4″ around your flower, bird, bug or butterfly…..The reason I would do this is because… that background color may be important to my design. Notice in this photo the “pink” if I were to cut on the line… it would be a beige flower. I wanted the pink…

The second thing I get asked…. How many do I need?  It is important to have a wide selection of flowers that are different styles and sizes, this variety is what will make your piece special, I cut out lots of options from different fabric lines when making my compositions.  More is better!

Pick your background fabric…. Light? Dark? Leopard? You name it…. Make sure it works with the fabric you plan to use for your vase.  Bring everything and trade with others, it’s great fun.

WARNING!!! if you use any glue products or steam-a-seam type product –  you will not get the same effect.


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Supply List:

  • Collage with Reckless & Raw Edge Appliqué

    Design your own garden, consider mixing all styles of florals, it's much more interesting that way. If you want to get a head start, begin by cutting out your flowers and other novelties, do NOT use glue or any fusibles.

    • Your sewing machine in good working order
    • A Free motion or darning foot that fits your machine
    • Basic sewing supplies including scissors, rotary supplies and ruler 20" or larger
    • Floral and novelty Fabrics with a mix of styles and colors
    • Pins
    • White or beige thread (Cotton) I prefer 50W Aurifil thread (available at my online store)
    • Black thread (Cotton) I prefer 50W Aurifil thread (available at my online store)
    • Freezer paper and pencil to make a template for your vase
    • TO MAKE PILLOW: Your fabric for the front of your pillow that you will build your design on (approximately 21" x 21")
    • TO MAKE PILLOW: Fabric for the back of your pillow - 22” x WOF (width of fabric) (keep the selvages on)
    • TO MAKE PILLOW: Nylon Zipper 20” or longer (with charm if possible)
    • TO MAKE PILLOW: Zipper foot
    • TO MAKE PILLOW: Recommended 20x20 feather pillow form from IKEA $6.99