< Workshops Workshop: 07-The Magic of Fabulous Faces

What happens when two inspiring and energetic Artists, combine their love of quilting, friendship, and talents? Creativity explodes into a one-of-a-kind workshop…

 “The Magic of Fabulous Faces”

Renowned quilters Freddy Moran (94 years old) and Jean Impey joined their creative spirits back in 2017 when they agreed to teach a Collage Retreat.   Each artist has their own unique style of portraits, and each portrait has a unique story and name.


Freddy and I have developed this workshop and both teach it independently for now.   Our process requires a glue stick and basic design principles. We both create our own faces and I quilt and finish all of my own as well as Freddy’s using my own techniques for quilting:  “Pencil Quilting” and “Sketchy Quilting.”

I’d dare to claim, this workshop promises to be the most enjoyable one yet! Dive into the art of crafting expressive faces with ease and minimal materials. Then, uncover my unique quilting techniques to bring your design to life, from quilting to binding.

Here are a few of the my portraits…  designed, created and quilted by me:



Here are some of Freddy’s pieces, designed by Freddy and and sewn, quilted and finished by me: